Pathwork Online Study Groups and Self-Study Materials

Jan Rigsby 2007

     The Pathwork Lectures describe everyday human life as a wonderful path of (and for) spiritual development


     Pathwork Steps offers a 'container' for sharing feelings, concerns, and insights with others who are studying the Pathwork Lectures.

Meetings facilitated by

Jan Rigsby

Pathwork Helper

Study guides for over 100 pathwork lectures and concepts, along with video summaries and presentations, newsletters, and worksheets are available for free download at


All Pathwork lectures may be downloaded free at



     The phrase 'Pathwork Steps' was chosen to highlight the practical reality of spiritual growth and emphasize practical applications of the concepts. They have to work for YOU.


     It is a step by step process. While such steps can be broadly outlined, they are neither linear nor fixed. No '1,2,3' method guarantees personal growth or can describe an individual's spiritual path -- or trajectory.


     Study Guides at emphasize how to use exercises and mediations from the lectures, and suggest ways to connect with the concepts through daily observations. There are also links to Jan's YouTube Video Presentations


     Monthly and Weekly Newsletters highlight how to see a concept in the world around you using examples from news articles, book excerpts, short films or podcasts. 


     Online Meetings are an opportunity to hear how others understand and make use of the lecture materials, and share your personal work. Facilitation can point out blind spots, resistance, or make suggestions on overcoming inner blocks and obstacles. 


All self-study materials are available at no charge.

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