Pathwork Steps                     

Weekly Online Meeting Format

Monthly Study Guides are uploaded to this site as soon as they are completed. Archived copies of past study guides, links to video and audio presentations, newsletters, and related materials are available in Pathwork Lecture numerical order at Subscribers receive a monthly newsletter with highlights from each of the 4 weekly sub-topics, plus links to related materials. 


Weekly Self-Study notices are a separate subscription option. Each weekly notice contains one of the four weekly subtopics from the study guide, along with access codes for all 3 weekly meetings. Email Jan if you want a sample copy.


Join via the Internet, using a computer, tablet,  or mobile phone. Or call in using Zoom local and international access lines.


We introduce ourselves, then share in turn. In order to participate, you must have read at least one segment of the current monthly study guide (included in the Weekly Self-Study notice) or any Pathwork lecture.  Anyone who receives the access codes is welcome to listen in.


The purpose of the meetings is to share our personal experiences working with Pathwork concepts, lectures, and study guides. We share our personal experiences in applying Pathwork concepts to our lives.  The monthly topic and weekly self-study portions are meant to inspire exploration; any Pathwork lecture or concept may be discussed.  Often, just hearing other perspectives is all that is needed.  However, since misconceptions create defenses against being challenged or unmasked, we may find ourselves in resistance to change. Facilitation in understanding the concepts is offered by Jan Rigsby. 


Real-time interaction is helpful when exploring deeper levels of aversion or resistance to spiritual concepts. We speak truth more often than we may realize. 


By listening to others -- in any situation -- we can practice hearing multiple layers, notice discrepancies or contradictions, and feel into the universal experience of being an imperfect human being. It's not easy to 'just listen'! It takes self-discipline and practice. It can be a form of active meditation. In casual conversation, we can bury such revelations by changing topics or surrounding them with superficial, distracting details.  In written communication, we may immediately edit out or soften discrepancies, illogical rationalizations, and exaggeration. When we speak in any group setting where there is a conscious, positive intention for self-development, we allow others to hear us on multiple levels: mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic (underlying currents that we may not be fully aware of). Words spoken within a safe, respectful container can echo back to us, so that we hear ourselves more clearly.


Zoom software allows the meetings to be recorded (audio only).  Confidentiality is expected, as the recordings are only for use by participants for review.  You may request to have the recording paused during your turn.  Handwritten notes are scanned and emailed with a link to the file.  If you choose remain anonymous, you will not receive the notes or the link.


Jan creates monthly YouTube video presentations to share aspects of the lecture that inspired her to select it, plus feedback from participants.