Pathwork Steps                     

Pathwork Online Study Groups and Self-Study Materials

     The Pathwork Lectures describe human life as a wonderful path of (and for) spiritual development


     Pathwork Steps offers a 'container' for sharing feelings, concerns, and insights with others who are studying the Pathwork Lectures.


     Being heard and hearing others in a structured group meeting format is a gentle way to encourage self-awareness.  


     Relating our personal experiences to specific Pathwork Lectures and concepts can support, deepen, and broaden our understanding of the human condition. 

Tealight Sculpture
Jan Rigsby 2007



     The phrase 'Pathwork Steps' was chosen to highlight the practical reality of spiritual growth.


     It is a step by step process. While such steps can be broadly outlined, they are neither linear nor fixed. No '1,2,3' method guarantees personal growth or can describe an individual's spiritual path -- or trajectory.



Pathwork Steps was created to:


     • Support self-study of the Pathwork Lectures 


     • Offer free weekly meetings as well as low-cost process groups, by telephone or online.  


     • Develop new ways of illustrating Pathwork concepts.


     • Explore a hybrid experience of self-leadership and experienced facilitation.  




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                  For a description of how the meetings operate, see the                             Meeting Formats page.





Jan Rigsby

Pathwork Helper