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September 2019


Visualization Process

For Growing into the Unitive State

Pathwork Lecture 210


          Visualization is quite essential to the creating and recreating work you do in meditation. Unless you can visualize the state you are to grow into, it is hardly possible to reach it.  It is extremely difficult to visualize the new state to be grown or moved into unless an example of some sort exists.  

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October 2019


Self Esteem

Pathwork Lecture 174


Put down in writing everything that you dislike about yourself.  Have it down in black and white.  

Then feel into yourself and ask: "Do I really believe that this is all there is to me?  Do I really believe that I must be these traits all my life?  Do I believe I have the possibility to love?  Do I hold forces locked up in me that contain all the good imaginable?" 

By raising these questions seriously, you will get an answer on a deeply feeling level, a level where the answer is more than a theoretical concept.  You will experience a new power in you that you do not need to fear, and a new gentleness and softness that does not need hostility or other defenses.  Then you will know how much there is in you to love and respect.     

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