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December 2018

Leadership --

The Art of Transcending Frustration

Pathwork Lecture 237


Anyone developed enough to be capable of pursuing such a demanding path as this is also capable of immense fulfillment and joy ‑‑ and of leadership!  In this path we are creating new leaders in many fields, in many directions, in many ways.  The purification you undergo makes you truly capable of genuine leadership in the best sense. 



Study Guide PL 237

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November 2018

The Illusory Fear of Self

Pathwork Lecture 136


In the last analysis, all fears derive from the fear one has of his innermost being ‐‐ that part which he does not yet fully know and acknowledge. As long as an individual keeps a part of himself hidden and secret, he cannot possibly be free. He then must constantly be on guard, and he must pretend. 



Study Guide PL 136


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