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October 2018:


Love: Not a Commandment, but Spontaneous Soul Movement of the Inner Self 

Pathwork Lecture 133

All religions, all philosophies, and all psychology agree that love is the key to everything, to fulfillment, to security, to creative growth. And yet, love cannot be commanded, nor can it be a commandment. It is a free, spontaneous soul movement. The more it is tried, due to conscience and obedience, the less does it succeed. 


Study Guide: Love as a Soul Movement

November 2018


The Illusory Fear of Self

Pathwork Lecture 133

In the last analysis, all fears derive from the fear one has of his innermost being ‐‐ that part which he does not yet fully know and acknowledge. As long as an individual keeps a part of himself hidden and secret, he cannot possibly be free. He then must constantly be on guard, and he must pretend. 


Study Guide PL 136


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