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June 2021


The Ego's Cooperation with --

or Obstruction of -- The Real Self

PL 158


When man identifies himself exclusively with the ego, with the outer conscious self, when his sense of self is predominantly associated with the ego functions, he becomes completely imbalanced, and his life becomes emptied of substance and meaning. 


Since the ego cannot replace --or in any way come near the resourcefulness of the real self -- the individual must feel inadequate, and his sense of life, of living, of self must become very flat and unenjoyable.  Substitute pleasures are then looked for, which are hollow and leave him exhausted and dissatisfied. 


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May 2021

Meditation for Three Chairs

PL 182

Effective meditation takes place by the conscious ego level activating both the unconscious, egotistical, destructive self and the supra-conscious, superior, universal self.  A constant interaction between these three levels must take place.


YouTube Playlist includes Introduction to the lecture plus demonstrations of the process by 5 volunteers.


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