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June & July 2023


Moralizing: Disproportionate Reactions, Repressed Needs

PLs 90 & 91


      The topic of Moralizing is best studied once there is an awareness of emotions that have been repressed, and after they have, in part, been able to reach a surface awareness. These are generally prevalent, and every human being will have all of them in some degree. Often such moralizing does not appear outwardly at all.  In fact, outwardly the very opposite may be true.  But inwardly it exists to some extent with all human beings.


    Explore Part 1 in June: Becoming Aware of Repressed Emotions; Mankind's Neglect of Emotional Development; Influence of the Idealized Self Image PL 83; and Morals vs. Moralizing


    Explore Part 2 in July:  Morals vs. Moralizing; Tendency to Moralize;  Exaggerations and Disproportionate Reactions; and Unfulfilled Needs - how these topics link together


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May 2023

Desire: Creative or Destructive

PL 206


      Positive, real desire is, as I said, a prerequisite to the self‑creating process.  If you do not want, let us say, a new and more loving state of being, there will be no motivation toward attaining it; there will be no incentive to overcome the often apparently insurmountable resistance; there is not even a visual impression of the existence or possibility of such a state.  In order to create a new state of personality, soul movements must flow forth.  They carry the creative seed, as the wind does. 

     Explore: Energy Movements; Soul Movements of Wanting, Wishing, Desiring; Creative Receptivity; and Seeing Truth never leads to Blame


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