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June 2019

Negative Pleasure:

Conflict as the Source of Pain

Pathwork Lecture 140


Pain is the Result of Conflict. When two opposite directions exist in a personality, pain comes into being. One direction ‐‐ the direction of the universal, creative forces ‐‐ strives towards light, life, growth, unfoldment, affirmation, beauty, love, inclusion, union, pleasure supreme.

Whenever this direction is counteracted by another direction, a disturbance is created.

It is very important to understand, my friends, that the negative can only be desired by a part of the personality, never by the whole of it.

There will always be another part of the psyche which violently objects to the negative desire, so that pain must result.

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May 2019

Psychic Interaction

of Negativity

Pathwork Lecture 202


It makes a lot of difference whether you are aware of negative intentionality or whether you blindly grope, act out, and consequently suffer a special kind of confusion that is more painful than real pain. 

Denying negativity incurs a double guilt, First, there is the guilt for the negative attitude in question.  

Second, you are involved in the guilt for denying this negativity.  

This secondary guilt must weigh heavily on everyone's soul.  It is a burden that consumes much of vital life energy.  Your denial must always imply harmful acts (inner and/or outer) toward others.  It is always insult added to injury.


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