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April 2021


Male and Female Incarnations:

Their Rhythms and Causes


PL 10


As God is perfect in His male and female principle, each in its own, each one operating in manner and function absolutely harmoniously, thus it is with all other beings.  Both principles are found in all manifestations of creation of infinite variety. Short talk on Reality as Reflected Image at the beginning.


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March 2021

Spiritual Fearlessness

PL 146


Three Conditions for Fearlessness:

1, A positive concept of the universe as a benign force and benign fate for man. 

2. The freedom and fearlessness to love

3, A healthy balance between activity and passivity

All these form a comprehensive whole in order for an individual to be in harmony with himself and with life, and thus fulfill himself in every possible way.  All these three aspects depend on the awakening and activation of man's innermost center, the nucleus that we call the real self.


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