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February 2019

Emotional Dependency

Hinders Possibliites

Pathwork Lecture 157


It is being said by all great spiritual teachings, by all truth teachings, that creation is infinite in its possibilities and that man's potential to realize these infinite possibilities of happiness exists in the depths of his being. 

Before man can create new possibilities of unfoldment and entirely new ranges of experience in his personal life, it is necessary that he first learns to apply these laws of creation to his problem areas, to those aspects of his life where he is troubled, limited, handicapped ‐‐ where he feels trapped.



Study Guide PL 157



March 2019

The Meaning of the Ego 

and Its Transcendence

"Ego Tricks"

Pathwork Lecture 199


The ego uses any number of tricks in order to maintain its separated, limited state and in order to prevent moving beyond it.

Every incarnation, on whatever level this may pertain, requires the entity to increase the scope of his "field of operation," to widen the fences around the fragmented ego, to bring in more reality from the world beyond the illusory confinement.


Study Guide PL 199

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