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July 2019


Conflict Between


Conscious and Unconscious Desires


Pathwork Lecture 45


          There is no other reason and no other purpose in life than development and purification.  You cannot purify unless you know yourself. And although self-knowledge is not always identical to purification, to a large extent you purify already by the mere fact that you recognize yourself fully and thoroughly.

            The ability to do so without resistance, without subterfuge, makes it essential and necessary to have humility, the humility to accept yourself as you are now.  To know yourself, my friends, to find the real you, the part of you that you have been unaware of so far, is always the aim and the question. 

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August 2019


Cause and Effect 

On Various Levels of Consciousness

Pathwork Lecture 245


          As consciousness raises itself, new connections appear in which effects are seen connected to causes that were previously apparently nonexistent (current human reality).   

          Your state of development creates a corresponding reality.  It also contains the particular degree of cause and effect you can experience.

          When you can truly see cause and effect relationships in your life, not only will you be motivated to want to give up negative attitudes and intentions and to institute positive intentionality; you will also gain awareness and emotional and spiritual maturity.

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