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Q&As with Jan

I am attempting to set up some version of a written online forum for questions / comments / sharing in response to the virus pandemic. If you have any suggestions, please help! Email me at using the Contact Us form (click above)


Previous written forums were set up as self-led, hoping that Pathworkers who found my materials useful might wish to share their own materials with each other, without facilitation or comments from me. Yet writing about our spritiual process and describing experiences of entering into unfamiliar thoughts and feelings is hard to do.


Any online forum open to the public is going to require membership or passwords of some kind, to avoid being trolled or used to relieve boredom, and to limit posting to those specifically studying Pathwork (vs. 'What is it?' questions that are best answered via materials already online at


At this point, am asking for suggestions / guidance / assistance in setting up such a forum.


Will update as I gather more information.


Prayers to all during this time, 



March 31, 2020